Leatherman 931014 21 Piece Bit Kit
by Leatherman
Product code: P1063

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Product Features
  • 21 double-ended bits in a variety of sizes
  • Made from zinc-coated steel, plastic bit holder
  • Includes hex, Torx, Phillips, Robertson, Pozi, and slotted screwdriver varieties
  • Covered by a 25-year limited warranty
Product Description

This must-have kit gives you the versatility you need to attack a wide array of everyday tasks. The 21 double-ended steel bits come in a range of sizes and shapes including variations of Hex, Phillips, Robertson, Pozi, Torx, and the slotted screwdriver. A Phillips and flat tip eyeglass screwdriver is also included. Each of the bits is designed to work with Leatherman multi-tools and knives using the Leatherman bit driver. The kit features classic Leatherman engineering, which means all bits are built with the highest standards in mind; in fact, forged from solid steel and coated with zinc, they are 35 percent stronger than average stainless steel bits.

Bits fit: Removable Bit Driver, Skeletool, Skeletool CX, Charge AL, Charge ALX, Charge TTi, Surge, Wave, c33Bx Black, e55B/e55Bx, MUT EOD, Charge Ti, Charge XTi, k502/k503x, h502/h503, e306x/e307x, c33B/c33Bx, c55B/c55Bx, e33B/e33Bx and MUT.

The assortment of bits include (each bit is double ended): Hex 1.5mm and 2mm, Hex 2.5mm and 3mm, Hex 4mm and 5mm, Hex 6mm and 1/4-inch, Hex 7/32-inch and 3/16-inch, Hex 5/32-inch and 9/64-inch, Hex 1/8-inch and 7/64-inch, Hex 3/32-inch and 5/64-inch, Hex 1/16-inch and .050-inch, Square Drive #3 and #2, Square Drive #1 and Pozi , Pozi #2 and #1, Torx #10 and #15 and Torx #20 and #25, Torx #27 and #30, Phillips #0 and #3, Phillips #1 and #2, Slotted 3/32-inch and 1/8-inch, Slotted 5/32-inch and 3/16-inch, Slotted 7/32-inch and 1/4-inch, Phillips and flat tip eyeglasses screwdriver.
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Package contains: Leatherman 931014 21 Piece Bit Kit (listed above) and Leatherman 931009 Bit Driver Extension

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Package contains: Leatherman 931014 21 Piece Bit Kit (listed above), Leatherman 931009 Bit Driver Extension and Smith's PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener

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